I am running for a more peaceful world
Briana Romero Helsinki

I am running for a more peaceful world

I am running in the Helsinki City run next May in Helsinki and would love to raise money to help those is need of a safe place to live such as refugees in this time of political violence. Help my run be the most meaningful and donate what you can for this cause to help make those living in violent times lives better by donating to this Finnish organization. I have been living in Finland 8 years and understand the challenges of living abroad as well as learning a new language, finding work but never the challenges a refugee encounters. I have previously ran in the Helsinki Half Marathon twice, women's run and in the bay area California Firecraker run. I have been to parts of the world I wish people had a safer place to live in and better conditions and I hope to make a small difference with this run. I started running a few years ago to get healthier and and half marathons are the hardest for me. Your support even small means a lot!

Amount Raised:
Target: 300 €
6/9/2019 4/30/2020



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I am running for a more peaceful world
Briana Romero
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